Sergeants Benevolent Association — Robert Zafonte, President.

SBA General Membership Meeting April 26, 2023

  • Meeting called to order at 1530hours atthe conference room, NLIA.
  • Salute to the American Flag.
  • Moment of Silence for our departed brothers and sisters and special prayer for our service members who are serving in the military.
  • Roll call of officers.
Robert Zafonte – President (present) Daniel DeVirgilio – Recording Secretary (present)
Albert Faraday – 1st Vice President (present) Michael Scivetti – Sergeant at Arms (present)
Andrew Caruso – 2nd Vice President (present) Juan Diaz – Trustee (present)
JohnPassarotti – Treasurer (present) James O’Neil– Trustee (present)
Richard Kuncken– Trustee(present)
  • Treasury Report – All accounts are paid. Treasury Report accepted by Sgt. Scivetti and 2nd by Sgt. Steinfeld.

2nd VP Caruso reports:

  • The New York State budget was due on April 1st. They are currently on the 5th extension of the April 1st  Governor Hochul is looking to include changes to the criminal justice system.  Changes include making it easier for judges to detain people before trial and judges will no longer be forced to choose the least restrictive means necessary to ensure defendants return for future court dates.  Judges will also be able to set bail even if they do not believe the defendant is a flight risk.
  • Senate Bill S5500 is a bill proposed that would require the Port Authority to notify the Officer when there is a FOIA request filed.
  • Senate Bill S5618 is a bill proposed that would allow members to buy back 4 years of military service credits as opposed to three years. The SBA strongly supports this bill and as always stands by our veterans.
  • Senate Bill S5212 “Heart Bill” should be included in the 2023 Budget.
  • Senate Bill S5971 is a bill proposed to name a portion of Rt. 111 in Smithtown, NY after the late Port Authority Police Officer Steven Tursellino. Steve died in 2013 from a 9/11 related illness and left behind a wife and four children.
  • New York Housing Compact is a plan that will allow the state to build 800,000 new homes in the next decade. The Governor also want to see more multi-residence projects near MTA subway and train stations.  This proposal will require municipalities with MTA rail stations to rezone areas within a half mile of a station to allow at least 25 homes per acre.

1st VP Faraday reports:


  • As of February 2023, there has been 22 Interviews. The breakdown is as follows: (15) CCIU, (3) P.I.U. and (4) E.E.O.
  • All but 3 of the above interviews the Sergeant were considered “Targets”.
  • Members are reminded to continue to fill out their memo books correctly and in accordance with the re-issued Superintendent’s Operations Order. If a Sergeant notifiesthe Lieutenant regarding a job make sure you memorialize it in your memo book.
  • Off Duty Incidents: Contact a board member and the Central Police Desk.  The new notification procedure is extremely vague.  I.U. is going after members that fail to make notifications.
  • 1625 hours– Meeting suspended.
  • 1647 hours Meeting called to order.

President Zafonte reports:

  • Grievances/I.P.’s –The SBA grievance on start times is ongoing. The SBA’s stance is “All or Nothing” and has let the Port Authority know we will take it all the way to the arbitrator.  The 108 Hour Grievancehas two upcoming dates on the schedule (November 2023 and January 2024).  President Zafonte had a conference call with the arbitrator and both agree that this grievance, which dates back to 2016, has been going on too long.The arbitrator is pushing the PA for earlier meeting dates.  The Sick Grievance is complete and we are waiting ona decision from the arbitrator.The Building 254 Locker Room Grievance has been agreed upon signed.  The Special Service Grievance has been filed.

    *Delegates are reminded to forward all Buck Slips, Memos, E-Mails from your commands to a board member for review.
  • Training vs. Familiarization –The Executive Board has been dealing with ARFF management regarding the difference between training and familiarization and outside subject matter experts and academy instructors.
  • Healthcare – Members are reminded to pay attention to their benefits. If members experience any issues with the medical insurance or medications to call United Healthcare and ask for a supervisor.  If you are still having trouble, contact a board member for assistance.
  • Contract Negotiation–There are problems with the body camera policy. The policy has been updated multiple times and now the IG’s Office has added a large amount of input.  The S.B.A. is currently waiting for the new submission of the policy.  The S.B.A. is actively negotiating.
  • NLIA Work Charts –The charts have been submitted to Budget and we are waiting for them to be signed off on. Once signed they will be sent to HQ for final approval.
  • The S.B.A. Survivor Fund Rolex Raffle–The S.B.A. is raffling off a 2023 Oyster Perpetual 41mm Rolex. Members will buy a chance for $100.00 and they will receive a numbered challenge coin.  The challenge coin will serve as the ticket.  The drawing will be on June 1, 2023.  Only 235 coins will be sold.
  • SBA Website–The S.B.A. website is up and running. Members can access the website at PANYNJSBA.ORG.An S.B.A. App is in the works and should soon be available.
  • 1715 HoursMeeting adjourned, accepted by Sgt. Depseeand 2nd by Sgt. Kuncken