Sergeants Benevolent Association — Robert Zafonte, President.

SBA General Membership Meeting February 20, 2024

SBA General Membership Meeting
February 20, 2024

  • Meeting called to order at 1510 hours at the conference room, LGA.
  • Salute to the American Flag.
  • Moment of Silence for our departed brothers and sisters and special prayer for our service members who are serving in the military.
  • Roll call of officers.
Robert Zafonte – President (present) Daniel DeVirgilio – Recording Secretary (present)
Albert Faraday – 1st Vice President (present) Michael Scivetti – Sergeant at Arms (present)
Andrew Caruso – 2nd Vice President (present) Juan Diaz – Trustee (present)
Richard Kuncken – Treasurer (present)
Robert Jakubowski III – Trustee (present)
Craig Pintarelli – Trustee (present)
  • 12/19/2023 Meeting Minutes – accepted by Sgt. Gerbasio and 2nd by Sgt. Jakubowski.
  • Treasury Report – All accounts are paid. Accepted by Sgt. Faraday and 2nd by Sgt. Diaz.

2nd VP Caruso reports:

  • Meeting minutes are now posted on the S.B.A. website.
  • There are important bills proposed in Albany for 2024 that pertain to our membership. S6343 – Increases the limitation of overtime compensation in the final average salary calculations from 15% to 30% for Tier 5 and Tier 6 members. A5487 – Provides reforms to Tier 6 employee pension contributions. S5618 – Increases the number of years of military service credit a member may purchase from 3 to 4 years if they were honorably discharged. S6623 – Provides military leave for all represented and non-represented persons employed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It provides a leave of absence for PA Employees while engaged in the performance of ordered military duty of while attending service school or training. It protects members from diminution of time service, increment, vacation, holiday or any other right or privilege. This bill also provides PA Employees pay for military duty, while going to and returning from such duty, not exceeding a total of 30 days. It also provides PA Employees who served in combat, salary or other compensation for periods of absence while utilizing any healthcare related services related to such duty, not exceeding 5 working days.
  • Members are reminded that Sergeants do not complete other Sergeants 360 cover sheet. On the patrol side, Lieutenants will complete and sign. On the ARFF side, the ARFF Supervisor will complete and sign.
  • Contact a member of the Executive Board if they are still not receiving S.B.A. e-mails.
  • Port Authority Equipment Meeting: Trama plate was approved for Flak Jackets worn by S.O.D. and M.O.S. carrying heavy weapons. A pilot program for the use of electric vehicles was voted down. Concerns of safety in the event of a vehicle fire and potential recalls regarding the proposed vehicles. Space is limited at our facilities and concerns over locations for the charging stations were an issue.
  • LaGuardia Airport’s 94th Street Overpass will be renamed “Port Authority Police Officer Pavlos Pallas Memorial Bridge” on Sunday, March 10th. The time TBD.
  • Governor Hochul spoke at the NYS Public Employee Conference. She mentioned funding for programs that deal with stress counseling and suicide awareness for police officers. The Nassau County Police Unions are working with the Governor and the S.B.A. will maintain a close relationship and lend our support going forward.
  • The SBA APP will be available in 2024.

1st Vice President Faraday:

  • Discipline: 31 interviews since last meeting – 24 PIU interviews (23 Targets / 1 Witness), 6 CCIU Interviews (All targets) and 1 New York District Attorney’s Integrity Unit Interview (Target).
  • P.I.U. has concluded all the interviews for LGA investigations.
  • CCIU – We have seen an increase in 3rd party complaints. Members are reminded to be aware of your surroundings and scene safety when responding to jobs. Call the Lieutenant to the scene. If the Lieutenant is on scene be guided by his/her orders. If the Lieutenant is not on scene, notify him/her A.S.A.P. and document it. Don’t be the fall guy for their decisions. If someone wants to make a complaint, take the complaint!
  • Body Worn Camera Policy – Sergeants have been counseled and disciplined for not complying with the policy. Familiarize yourself with the policy. If you’re not sure or have questions, contact the BWC lieutenant. CPD has an after-hours phone number for the on-call B.W.C. Sergeant.
  • ARFF – The FAA had a surprise inspection at all airports on 2/14/24 regarding water rescue plans. It was mostly operations and tour commander involvement. Crew Chiefs are reminded to familiarize yourself with your roles and responsibilities in our airports ACM and AEP. The FAA can come anytime they want and do an inspection. BE PREPARED! They are allowed to ask you questions.
  • SBA Merchandise – Trustee Craig Pintarelli, Delegates, Anthony Estevez, James Dunphy, and Mike Gerbasio are developing a virtual SBA store. We are hopeful that the store will be open this spring with SBA attire. Once the board approves the items, we will advise the membership.
  • 1610 hours – Meeting suspended.
  • 1620 hours – Meeting called to order.

President Zafonte reports:

  • Grievances/I.P.’sStart Times Grievance is ongoing. 108 Hour Grievance has concluded and the S.B.A. is waiting on the decision from the Arbitrator. 20 Hour Grievance is ongoing. Firearm IP is ongoing. A.D.A. Form IP is ongoing. Off Duty Incidents IP is ongoing. Migrant Detail Brooklyn Piers IP is ongoing. Supervision of Plain Clothes Officers has been filed. A total of 19 grievances have been filed in 2023 and 6 grievances filed in 2024 so far. Grievances help in contract negotiations.
  • Discipline: On December 1st, P.I.U. started the investigation into the supervisors at LGA regarding the “Delta Room”. 21 Sergeants are being investigated. Representation will be handled by President Zafonte and 1st Vice President Faraday. The S.B.A., L.B.A. and D.E.A. have signed a deal to extend the negotiations 30 days before charges are filed. The PA is looking for major discipline from our members.
  • Use of Force: Make sure all boxes are filled out. The use of force investigation is Lieutenant unit work. They are required to sign the document. If a Sergeant is ordered to fill out the bottom of the use of force investigation, document it in your memo book and contact an Executive Bord Member.
  • Contract Meeting: Negotiations are ongoing.
  • B.W.C.: Do not MUTE your camera! S.B.A. is working on a policy we can agree to.
  • SBA Website – The S.B.A. website is up and running. Members can access the website at WWW.PANYNJSBA.ORG. We are working to update the website with services deemed valuable by the S.B.A. The S.B.A. App is very close to completion.
  • Survivor Fund Raffle: Buy a chance for $100.00 and receive a numbered challenge coin. There will be 3 prizes offered. 1st Prize – Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Watch 2nd Prize – Wolf Palermo Single Watch Winder with Jewelry Storage 3rd Prize – Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to the Moon Watch. Only 350 tickets will be sold. All proceeds will go to the S.B.A. Survivor Fund.
  • Sergeants are doing good work in the field. If a sergeant is involved or knows of a sergeant involved in a noteworthy job, please contact an Executive Board Member.
  • Members should review your personnel folder once a year. This will allow you to remove any eligible counseling memos.
  • 1707 Hours – Meeting adjourned, accepted by Sgt. Scivetti and 2nd by Sgt. Estevez.