Sergeants Benevolent Association — Robert Zafonte, President.

SBA General Membership Meeting February 27, 2023

  • Meeting called to order at 1501hours atthe conference room, GWB.
  • Salute to the American Flag.
  • Moment of Silence for our departed brothers and sisters and special prayer for our service members who are serving in the military.
  • Roll call of officers.
Robert Zafonte – President (present) Daniel DeVirgilio – Recording Secretary (excused)
Albert Faraday – 1st Vice President (present) Michael Scivetti – Sergeant at Arms (present)
Andrew Caruso – 2nd Vice President (present) Juan Diaz – Trustee (present)
John Passarotti – Treasurer (present) James O’Neil– Trustee (present)
Richard Kuncken– Trustee(present)
  • Pete Killeen gave insight regarding the current deaths of retired members of the force. Members are remined call Pete if they are stressed, in need of help or know someone that is in need of help especially the younger group of new police officers.  Mental health professionals are backed up 2-3 months before an appointment can be made.  Pete has resources that can expedite the process.
  • Beyond the Badge NY is a non-profit organization that was created to raise suicide and mental health awareness by breaking the stigma surrounding first responders coming forward for mental health treatment. Also, to provide support and resources for the families whose first responders died by suicide.  This resource is available to all first responders.
  • Members are reminded mental health resources can also be found on the United Healthcare website.
  • Minutes for the December 2022 meeting, accepted by Sgt.Carusoand 2nd by Sgt.O’Neil.
  • Treasury Report – All accounts are paid. Financial Software was down at the time of the meeting, so the printouts will be available at the next meeting.  Treasury Report accepted by Sgt. Scivetti and 2nd by Sgt. Dagostino.

1st VP Faraday reports:


  • As of October 2022, there has been 24 Interviews. The breakdown is as follows: (8) CCIU, (7) P.I.U., (5) E.E.O. and (4) Labor.
  • The week of 2/27/2023, there was (5) P.I.U. interviews in which the Sergeants were all considered “Targets”.
  • Members are reminded to continue to fill out their memo books correctly and in accordance with the Superintendent’s Operations Order.Document all scratches, the jobs you go to, and interactions with the public. Memo books are the first thing requested at CCIU and PIU.
  • Off Duty Incidents: Contact a board member and the Central Police Desk.  The new notification procedure is extremely vague.  I.U. is going after members that fail to make notifications.  Remember when calling CPD, keep your notifications short and to the point.
  • Major discipline investigation is ongoing at LGA. This investigation is similar to “PATH Gate”.  If a member swipes into a room or area it is documented.  The I.G. can printout a report.
  • Members are reminded to be where you are supposed to be and supervise your police officers. Make sure you inspect them on post and document the inspection in your memo book as well as their memo book.
  • 1556 hours– Meeting suspended
  • 1615 hours Meeting called to order.

2nd VP Caruso reports:

  • State Politics: B.A. belongs to the PCNY.  Tier 5-6 remains a top priority.  Contributions, pensionable overtime cap, and other disparities between pension tiers are their focus.
  • Governor Hochul has vetoed the heart bill.
  • The 9/11 Presumption Bill has been extended to 9/11/2026. If a member needs assistance contact a board member.

President Zafonte reports:

  • Grievances/I.P.’s – The 108 Hour Grievancenext meeting date is 11/20/2023. Members are reminded any type of settlement money awarded will NOT be pensionable.
  • The S.B.A. has been working with different commands and units regarding updating or changing work charts. ESU and K9 have changed work charts which created additional Sergeant positions.
  • Body Cameras – Body cameras are coming. Conduct yourself as if you are wearing them now.
  • Contract Extension – S.B.A. discussions with the Port Authority have only been preliminary. The P.B.A. has agreed to a contract but it still has to be signed by the Governors.  Once the P.B.A. has a signed contract, the S.B.A. negotiations should ramp up.
  • Belated Christmas Present – Each Sergeant will receive (3) S.B.A. mini shields. Please see a delegate or board member to receive the shields.
  • 1637 Hours – Meeting adjourned, accepted by Sgt. Sandgran and 2ndby Sgt. Caruso.