Sergeants Benevolent Association — Robert Zafonte, President.

SBA General Membership Meeting June 27, 2023

SBA General Membership Meeting
June 27, 2023

  • Meeting called to order at 1534 hours at the conference room, GWB.
  • Salute to the American Flag.
  • Moment of Silence for our departed brothers and sisters and special prayer for our service members who are serving in the military.
  • Roll call of officers.
Robert Zafonte – President (present) Daniel DeVirgilio – Recording Secretary (present)
Albert Faraday – 1st Vice President (present) Michael Scivetti – Sergeant at Arms (present)
Andrew Caruso – 2nd Vice President (present) Juan Diaz – Trustee (present)
John Passarotti – Treasurer (present) James O’Neil– Trustee (present)
Richard Kuncken– Trustee(present)
  • Minutes for the February 2023 meeting, accepted by Sgt. Cruz and 2nd by Sgt. Scivetti.
  • Minutes for the April 2023 meeting, accepted by Sgt. Scivetti and 2nd by Sgt. O’Neil.
  • Treasury Report – All accounts are paid. $23,000.00 has been deposited in the Survivor Fund as a result of the Rolex Raffle. The Executive Board has agreed to waive the annual $100.00 Welfare Assessment for 2023. Treasury Report accepted by Sgt. Jakubowski and 2nd by Sgt. Pintarelli.

2nd VP Caruso reports:

  • The New York State budget was finalized on May 3rd. Governor Hochul and State Legislators agreed to make changes to the state’s criminal justice system, particularly Bail Reform. The changes encourage judges to take a heavier handed approach to setting pretrial conditions. Judges are no longer required to choose the least restrictive means necessary to ensure defendants return for future court dates. The Budget agreement offers no presumptive condition that judges must start with.
  • Three quarters Accidental Heart Bill was approved and included in the Governor’s budget. This is now available to police officers in the NY State Pension. Through the hard work of the PCNY Legislative Committee, S.B.A. and other statewide police unions, we are now able to qualify for the presumption that any condition of impairment of health caused by diseases of the heart are deemed accidental. The Heart Bill is not an absolute approval but it is an important step in protecting the health and safety of officers.
  • Senate Bill S5971 is a bill proposed to name a portion of Rt. 111 in Smithtown, NY after the late Port Authority Police Officer Steven Tursellino. Steve died in 2013 from a 9/11 related illness and left behind a wife and four children. In addition to that bill, Senate Bill S6462 has been proposed to rename the 94th Street Overpass in Elmhurst, Queens the “Paul Pallas Memorial Bridge.”
  • New York Housing was stopped by strong opposition from both parties of the legislature, particularly the Assembly.
  • Senate Bill S6343 Increases the limitation of overtime compensation in final average salary calculations from 15% to 30% for Tier 5 and Tier 6 members.
  • Senator Gillibrand asked for the S.B.A.’s support on the “Providing Child Care Act for Police Officers Act of 2023.” This pilot program is intended to provide child care services for the children of law enforcement officers to accommodate the shift work, abnormal hours and to enhance recruitment and retention of officers.

1st VP Faraday reports:


  • There has been 6 Interviews. The breakdown is as follows: (4) CCIU and (2) E.E.O – 1 Target and 1 witness.
  • All interviews resulted in an unsubstantiated determination.
  • Members are reminded to continue to fill out their memo books correctly and in accordance with the re-issued Superintendent’s Operations Order.
  • More discipline is coming from LGA Incident.
  • Prisoner Property: Make sure officers are accounting for all prisoner property. Ensure that all non-perishable items are vouchered, prisoner signs the form and receives a copy. All money must be counted in front of the prisoner.
  • 360’s: Members are reminded to contact a board member to ensure the 360 is filled out correctly. Make sure all injuries are noted on the 360.
  • If you are out I.O.D. you are entitled to choose your own doctor, as long as the doctor you choose accepts Workers Compensation. PA Medical may give you a list of doctors. This list should be considered a suggestion. You do not have to choose a doctor from that list.
  • 20 Hour Rule: Members are reminded you do not have to ask to work 20 hours. Just notify the Lieutenant that you are working 20 and you are fit for duty. If you are denied the overtime, contact an Executive Board Member.
  • 2023 S.B.A. Cigar Night: September 7, 2023 at Bourbon Street – 40-12 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361.
  • Off Duty Incidents: Contact a board member and the Central Police Desk. The new notification procedure is extremely vague. P.I.U. is going after members that fail to make notifications.

1617 hours – Meeting suspended.

1636 hours – Meeting called to order.

President Zafonte reports:

  • Grievances/I.P.’s – Start Times Grievance is ongoing. 108 Hour Grievance next date is 11/20/2023. President Zafonte had two conference calls with the arbitrator and both agree that this grievance, which dates back to 2016, has been going on too long. 20 Hour Grievance is ongoing. Firearm IP – The Superintendent created a new status “Modified Assignment”. There are only 4 statuses established: Fit for Duty, Suspended with Pay, Suspended without Pay or Court Order. A.D.A. Form IP is ongoing. The S.B.A. asked the P.A. for all/any medical personal qualifications. No response from the P.A. Off Duty Incidents IP is ongoing. UOC IP – The Arbitrator ruled in favor of the S.B.A. UOC work is Sergeant work. Migrant Detail Brooklyn Piers IP has been filed.

*Delegates are reminded to forward all Buck Slips, Memos, E-Mails from your commands to a board member for review.

  • Body Camera Policy: The P.B.A. has agreed and signed off on the policy. The Coalition had a meeting on June 29 and is not close to agreeing on a policy.
  • Waterfront Commission – 90 New Jersey State Troopers will be assigned to the Marine Terminal to do the work of the disbanded commission. As per the C.S.O., NJSP will only do investigations and will not perform any other police function.
  • Uniform Website – The P.A. has setup a uniform website (PAPD.Galls.Com) for any additional uniforms needed. If you transfer to a specialized unit or detail, use the normal procedure in place to secure uniforms. When logging into the website, your P.A. E-Mail is the User ID and then reset the password.
    • Uniform Committee (NARCAN) – Every officer will receive 2 NARCAN packages. The P.A. want to roll this out A.S.A.P. The plan is to swap the packages out for new ones during IST.
  • Small Radio Antenna (1Inch Stub)– Do not buy your own small antenna. Please look at roll call to ensure the officers you are turning out do not have them. If the small antenna is used on any non P.A. radio channel it could burnout the radio. The radio is valued at $5,300.00.
  • Civilian Investigators – If you are ordered to drive around a civilian investigator, follow the order and notify an Executive Board Member.
  • SBA Website – The S.B.A. website is up and running. Members can access the website at WWW.PANYNJSBA.ORG. An S.B.A. App is in the works and should soon be available.
  • 1746 Hours – Meeting adjourned, accepted by Sgt. Zuckerberg and 2nd by Sgt. Diaz